"It is such an honor to be part of an organization like Honor361 that is truly about giving back to the veterans and their families. It's a blessing to belong to a community that supports our veterans in such a way that Victoria does. We will honor those who have fallen by completing this monument so our children and their children can understand the price of freedom." - Pablo Perez

Leaders That Care

Honor361 is led by people who truly care and appreciate their local heroes. Freedom has a price, and the directors and advisors of Honor361 understand what that price is. Every person on the board has a story about why Honor361 and the monument are important. It’s great to know that Honor361 has leaders who are proud Americans that believe the mission of the organization and has believe in supporting our local heroes and the families of the fallen.

Board of Directors

Founder – Gilbert Ramon

President – Pablo Perez

Vice President – Mike Allen

Treasurer – Dan Pooley

Secretary – Kat Munoz

Honorary Members – The Rusks

Board Advisers

Danny Garcia

Paul Polasek

Col Petrash


Philip Hopkins

Omar Rachid