The Monument

Honor361 is planning to build the South Texas Iraq/Afghanistan War Monument in Victoria, TX. This monument will honor those who served in the longest war in U.S. History and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. This is a local monument which will have a personal effect and will be a place of healing for those who served from the 361 area code and their loved ones.

The Architecture

The bronze portion of the monument will be the famous image of Marine LCpl Colton W. Rusk, from Orange Grove, Texas, and his Military Working Dog “Eli”. Rusk was killed in action in 2010 while serving in Afghanistan.

Rusk is kneeling in front of a Battle Cross which is made up of a rifle, helmets and a pair of boots to honor a fallen service member. This will sit on a large foundation made of Texas granite which will have all the seals of our Armed Forces.

Surrounding the centerpiece will be 3 large granite “T Wall” barricades (used for protection in Iraq/Afghanistan) that will have the history of each war and of the South Texas Iraq/Afghanistan Monument.

The walk leading to the monument will have 4 stars. A Gold star will represent family members who lost a service member in combat. A Silver star will represent family members who had a service member injured in combat. A Blue star will represent family members who had a service member deployed. A White star will represent a family member who lost a combat service member who committed suicide. All stars will serve to honor and as remembrance.

The monument will be surrounded by flag poles. The U.S. and Texas flags will be centered and surrounded by each flag of our Armed Forces.

Lastly, the side leading around our entire monument will have bricks that can be purchased by anyone to Honor a Veteran or give thanks to our Troops.

Our Fundraising

Army Ranger surprise engagement at an Honor361 event.

Honor361 hosts events throughout the year to raise money to fund the monument and the operation of the organization. Through our events many families have already been blessed and many servicemen have been impacted.

361 Fallen

CPL Aguilar – Victoria, TX /// Iraq

CPL Andres Aguilar, Jr. – Mathis, TX /// Iraq

SGT Anthony Gabriel Green – Yorktown, TX /// Afghanistan

SGT Anselmo Martinez, III – Robstown, TX /// Iraq

LCPL Colton Rusk – Orange Grove, TX /// Afghanistan

SPC Danny L. Anderson – Corpus Christi, TX /// Iraq

SGT Garrett Ian McLead – Rockport, TX /// Iraq

SPC Gary Walters – Victoria, TX /// Iraq

SSG Hector Rene Perez – Corpus Christi, TX /// Iraq

LCPL Hilario F. Lopez – Ingleside, TX /// Iraq

SPC James C. Kesinger – Orange Grove, TX /// Iraq

1SG Joe Jesus Garza – Robstown, TX /// Iraq

SGT John Wayne Russel – Portland, TX /// Iraq

CPL John Paul Barta – Corpus Christi, TX /// Iraq

SGT Johnny Joe Peralez, Jr. – Kingsville, TX /// Iraq

SGT Jonathan J. Simpson – Rockport, TX /// Iraq

SPC Jose Amancio Perez, III – San Diego, TX /// Iraq

LCPL Jose Luis Maldonado – Mathis, TX /// Afghanistan

SPC Kerry Danyluk – Yoakum, TX /// Afghanistan

LCPL Mark Goyet – Sinton, TX /// Afghanistan

PFC Matthew D. Ogden – Corpus Christi, TX /// Afghanistan

LCPL Matthew W. Holloway – Rockport, TX /// Iraq

SFC Merideth Howard – Corpus Christi, TX /// Afghanistan

SSG Michael Chadwick Lloyd – Corpus Christi, TX /// Iraq

CPT Paul C. Alaniz – Corpus Christi, TX /// Iraq

CPL Paul C. Holter, III – Corpus Christi, TX /// Iraq

SPC Richard Arriaga – Ganado, TX /// Iraq

SPC Rogelio R. Garza, Jr. – Corpus Christi, TX /// Afghanistan

CPT Rowdy Inman – Corpus Christi, TX /// Iraq

LCPL Ruben Valdez, Jr. – San Diego, TX /// Iraq

SPC Ryan A. Gartner – Aransas Pass, TX /// Afghanistan

CPL Zachary Kolda – Corpus Christi, TX /// Iraq